Project Description


Gorizia – Italy
Client: Irisacqua S.r.l. Gorizia
Year: 2010

The project extends over a square of 28.20 x 28.20 m on a grid of 138 x 138 cm that is repeated across the length of the two floors above ground. The extreme modularity of the architectural composition allows for an excellent rationalization of construction: the building construction is industrialised through a prefabricated system, which was the aim of the original Competition. The technology used for the prefabricated components constitutes an environmentally friendly system that minimizes the use of materials by rationalizing building systems, reducing the use of wet binders and improving the precision of the construction process in terms of schedule. The construction uses one quarter of the primary energy usually consumed by similar, more traditional buildings and, at the same time, provides a healthy and comfortable indoor climate and subsequently, better quality of work, demonstrating how sustainability creates added value to building intervention.