Project Description


Milan – Italy
Client: Abitale Sociale 1
Year: 2009

The buildings of the Figino Social Housing project have a defined and limited court configuration. The relationship between the existing district and the environment, which winds through the buildings and becomes a characteristic element, is fundamental. The project aimed to trace and interpret this interaction by creating a membrane / infrastructure, an extensive green path that is the main element of the entire design. The solution adopted has taken into account the pedestrian connection with the existing village, the environmental impact of new buildings and the relationship between volume and open spaces. Starting from a rigid grid of 10 x 10 meters, the buildings have been staggered along the longitudinal axis. In this way each residence has been given a clear view in at least one in every two frontages planned for the units. The location within the area has taken account of the relationship with the existing structure. The height of the buildings increases when the scale of the open space allows this, to create a variable urban density, which is also proportional and related to the area.