Project Description


Cividale del Friuli (Udine) – Italy
Client: Steda S.p.A.
Year: 2010
Area: About 19.500 sqm
Built area: 1.170 sqm

This project involved the construction of a conference hall for 400 people, built in the former ìItalcementiî area. The building is located on the green roof of the commercial center, to which is structurally related but functionally separate. The requirement was for a space for 400 people, without intermediate support structures that obstruct the view, combined with the desire to create a building that fits well with the gentle landscape of the surrounding area. This led to the choice of a building in the shape of a ìshellî. The structure is built on a grid of arches and curves that are orthogonal to each other. The roof is built using a 2×2 m aluminum frame profile that supports transparent shatterproof glass panels and solid panels insulated with coated copper foil, arranged alternately to form a checkerboard.